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Welcome To Eyelash Extensions Tallahassee!

Welcome to the leading salon in the Tallahassee area. We are dedicated to giving you top of the line results every time. You will be able to wake up feeling confident and beautiful with the best eyelash extensions Tallahassee has to provide.

Do you spend too much time trying to apply mascara that looks clean and perfect? Have you spent so much money on makeup that does not give you longer eyelashes?

Our salon is the number one option for you because we will lengthen your eyelashes and make them appear fuller. You will save the time an energy you are wasting on your mascara with the best fake eyelashes Tallahassee has witnessed.

We offer a wide variety of services such as:

  1. Eyelash Full Set
  2. Eyelash Fill
  3. Eyelash Extensions Removal
  4. Eyelash Lifting
  5. Eyelash Tinting

You will not feel disappointment when you see yourself with a fresh new look that accentuates your best features. We are the salon that applies the prettiest eyelash extensions in Tallahassee FL.

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About Eyelash Extensions Tallahassee FL

Our salon is passionate about proper lash extensions applications. We are particular about our isolation and placement. You will have a customized and professional service done every single time you visit us.

Our lash technicians are here to give you the eyelashes you are envisioning while keeping the integrity of your natural eyelashes. You will experience zero damage to your natural lashes.

We value cleanliness and safety. Our salon is committed to keeping up with disinfection protocols that will keep your eyes safe. You can depend on us to sanitize our tools and equipment after each client. We pride ourselves in keeping a pristine space at all times.

Our goal is to provide Tallahassee eyelash extensions that you can’t find in our area. We stay up to date with the new and improved techniques that set you apart from everyone else. We know how to make your eyes sparkle.

It is our mission to treat everyone like the important clients that they are. We want you to have an elite experience each time you interact with our company. You are number one in our eyes.

We are the leaders in applying the best false eyelashes Tallahassee has ever been able to offer. Our salon services our city and surrounding cities with care.

Why Choose Us?

Women choose us over other eyelash studios because we build confidence that will radiate from the moment you wake up in the morning. You will feel awake and put together every time you look in the mirror. Put that sparkle in your eyes and create a look that will make you feel great.

Give yourself a chance to get the most natural or bold looking eyelashes Tallahassee can give to you by letting us apply extensions that will fit the look you desire. We will give you a custom look that will enhance your beauty.

It is important to our lash company that:

  1. You feel relaxed when you visit us. We create a calm environment that will help you calm down from the moment you step in. We are committed to making your time with us a moment of peace.
  2. Our salon is always clean and free from bacteria. You can be sure that we have disinfected our salon, tools, and equipment to create a safe place for you to get beautified.
  3. We are always learning and improving our eyelash skills. We want to be able to provide services that are up to date and top of the line. Our lash technicians are always bettering their techniques to better serve you. We always want to be the best in our craft.

Our salon has been lashing the women in our community for years. You won’t be able to find a better place to relax while you get beautiful eyelash extensions.

Call our salon for pricing details and to schedule a much needed appointment.

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What to expect?

tallahassee eyelashes extensions

We are always using top of the line products to produce elite services. You cannot find a salon in Tallahassee that beats our quality. We know how to provide services that will leave you feeling amazing and ready to take on the world.

Our clients choose us because they can relax while we build their confidence. We know you will feel at ease when you walk through our doors.

How to prepare for your appointment:

  1. Set up an appointment to ensure we have all of the time we need to give you full and fluffy eyelashes.
  2. Cleanse your eyes before coming to your appointment. Eyelash extensions will adhere best to clean eyelashes.
  3. Come prepared to lay back for a couple hours. Great eyelashes take a bit of time. We want you to be able to relax while you are here.
  4. Avoid drinking anything that is a stimulant. It is difficult to apply eyelashes if you move a fidget too much.

What to expect during your lash appointment:

  1. You will have a consultation with your lash technician before your appointment. You will discuss what you are looking for and what we are able to achieve for you.
  2. You will lay back while we apply eyelash extensions that will add a sparkle to your look.
  3. You will be asked to lay still for the duration of your appointment so we can finish in a timely manner.
  4. We ask that you keep the talking to a minimum to ensure that there is little movement. It is easiest to have proper isolation and application on a still face.

What to avoid after your appointment:

  1. Don’t get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours after your appointment. The glue needs to dry fully before you get your lashes wet.
  2. Make sure to not tug or pull on your extensions. This causes damage to your natural eyelashes.
  3. Be sure to get your eyelashes filled within 2-4 weeks to keep your eyelashes as full as they can be.

Eyelash Services

Our salon is diverse in the services that we offer. We create a custom look that fits what you have been desiring. Our lash technicians see your eyes as a blank slate for a work of art. You will always have the most customized eyelash extensions Tallahassee can apply on your eyes.

Eyelash Extension Full Set

Our full set will give you the fluffiest lashes Tallahassee has seen and you will not be disappointed. We can fill in your natural eyelashes efficiently and in a timely manner. We offer a full set for you if it is your first time getting eyelash extensions or if most of your extensions have fallen off. Our salon provides a wide variety of lash extension shapes and sizes to give you the custom look you are hoping for.

Eyelash Extension Fill

Our lash fills will refresh your extensions and make you feel brand new. We offer fills every 2-4 weeks. Your eyelashes naturally shed, so this means you need to get your extensions filled if you want to maintain a full and fluffy look. You can change up your lash look each time you get a fill done.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Even though we apply the best lash extensions Tallahassee FL has been offered, we understand that they aren’t for everyone. We can remove your eyelashes with a painless removal cream. You will be in and out in no time with zero damage to your natural eyelashes. Each lash technician uses special techniques to remove your eyelashes with meticulous care.

Eyelash Lifting

Look no further for the best looking lash lifting Tallahassee has seen. We use professional grade lifting lotion that will curl and lengthen your eyelashes without any damage. We are highly trained to know how long to keep the lotion on your eyelashes before any damage can be done. You will be able to have the look of eyelash extensions without the maintenance.

Eyelash Tinting

If you are looking for the most pigments eyelash tinting Tallahassee has to offer, then look no further. We are equipped with tinting products that are top of the line. You can customise your tint to create a unique look that is just for you. Our products are safe to use around your eyes and will last up to 4 weeks.

About Tallahassee

Tallahassee is the capital of the state of Florida. It had a population of about 194,000 in 2018. It became the 7th largest city in the United States in 2019 when the population grew to roughly 194,500. It is known for being the home of Florida State University.

Tallahassee is the best place if you like warm weather. It has long summers and short winters that are mild while spring and fall are dry. Locals and tourists find themselves enjoying the theaters, museums, and parks that fill the city.

Surrounding cities include:

  1. Quincy, FL
  2. Crawfordville, FL
  3. Midway, FL
  4. Woodville, FL
  5. Monticello, FL
  6. Havana, FL
  7. Gretna, F
  8. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

Such great quality for the price! I am on a budget and eyelash extensions are a splurge for me each month. The value is worth the money at this salon. I love this salon for its work.

Kendra L.

Wow, I have never had good service anywhere except for here! All of the eyelash technicians are so professional. I am greeted with a smile every time I walk into the salon. I feel so special coming here.

Lacie Q.

If you want high quality eyelashes then look no further. The techniques they use at this salon produce such amazing eyelash extensions! They also use professional grade products that make my eyes pop. I will always come back to this salon for my eyelash extensions.

Shannon I.

Frequently asked questiona

Do you offer eyelash extensions near me that will look natural?

We can customise your eyelash extensions to make them look as natural as you prefer.

Do your eyelash extension techniques provide the best looking lashes near me?

We are the leaders in the Tallahassee eyelash industry. We apply the most high end looking Tallahassee eyelash extensions you can find in our area.

Are fake lashes and false lashes the same as eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are sometimes referred to as fake or false lashes since synthetic lashes that are not real are being placed onto the natural eyelashes.

How much do lash extensions cost the first time?

Contact our salon and we will be happy to give you more detail for our pricing options.

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions put on?

We make sure that we are putting on eyelashes with techniques that will not hurt you while the lashes are being applied.

Is a lash extension removal service painful?

Our technique for lash removal is pain free and quick.

Does your salon apply lash extensions near me that will last for awhile?

Our lash glue will make your lashes last from 2-4 weeks depending on your at home care.

Do you need to have clean eyelashes for your appointment?

It is helpful if you come to your appointment with clean lashes. If you forget or don’t have time, we will clean them for you.

How long does an appointment usually last?

An appointment can last up to 2 hours if you are getting a full set of eyelashes.

Do I need to use mascara with eyelash extensions?

We recommend that you do not wear mascara because it will clump up your extensions.

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